Report Date: 06/29/2001

Progeny Report
CH Rusticwoods Made In Heaven

Reg #:SE637454 Breed/Variety:Irish Setter
Birth Date:05/30/1986 Sex:Female

Name Reg Number Date of Birth Gender
Sire Name: CH Kerry-Eire Heaven Only Knows CDSD26562007/29/1981

CH Sunshine's Heavens To Betsy
SM946011/02 01/09/1992 Female
CH Sunshines Images Of Heaven
SM946011/05 01/09/1992 Male
CH Sunshine's Oh My Heavens
SM946011/06 01/09/1992 Male
Sunshines Star From Heaven CD
SM946011/08 01/09/1992 Female
Sire Name: CH Rapture's Orion RebellionSE54087109/22/1985

CH Rusticwood Wilohill PJ Party
SF676818 08/03/1989 Female
CH Rusticwoods Made To Party
SF688909 08/03/1989 Male
CH Rusticwoods Party Time Ralph
SF748306 08/03/1989 Male
CH Rusticwoods Party Animal
SF769834 08/03/1989 Male
CH Rusticwoods Party Favor
SF796395 08/03/1989 Female
Sire Name: CH Quailfield Mak'n BusinessSF37220407/26/1988

CH Rusticwoods Song Of The South
SM864952/01 04/19/1991 Female
CH Rusticwoods Song N' Dance Man
SM864952/02 04/19/1991 Male
CH Rusticwoods Song O' Jojans
SM864952/03 04/19/1991 Male
CH Rusticwoods Desert Song
SM864952/04 04/19/1991 Female
CH Rusticwoods Song Sung Blue
SM864952/05 04/19/1991 Male
CH Rusticwood Wilohill MTN Song
SM864952/06 04/19/1991 Male
CH Rusticwood's Song Of Hawaii
SM864952/07 04/19/1991 Male
CH Rusticwoods Annies Song
SM864952/08 04/19/1991 Female
CH Rusticwoods Love Song
SM864952/09 04/19/1991 Female
Sire Name: CH Durin's Kentucky ColonelSF99154404/12/1990

CH Heatherwood's Southern Style
SN056854/01 03/29/1993 Female
CH Rusticwoods Southern Charm
SN056854/02 03/29/1993 Female
CH Rusticwoods Southern Pride
SN056854/03 03/29/1993 Male
Sire Name: CH Rendition Mercedes BenzSN057476/0102/17/1993

CH Rusticwood Fantacy In The Sky NA OAJ
SN187028/01 08/22/1994 Female
CH Rusticwood Blue Sky Of Jojan
SN187028/03 08/22/1994 Male
CH Rusticwood Fire In The Sky
SN187028/04 08/22/1994 Male
CH Rusticwoods Red Sky At Night
SN187028/06 08/22/1994 Female

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