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Report Date: 09/29/1999

Progeny Report
CH Rusticwood Olympic Medalist CD

Reg #:SE085785 Breed/Variety:Irish Setter
Birth Date:04/18/1984 Sex:Male

         Name Reg Number Date of Birth Gender
CH Rebellion's Wild Strawberry
SE535929 09/22/1985 Male
CH Rapture's Orion Rebellion
SE540871 09/22/1985 Male
CH Rebellion's Bachelor Button
SE546351 09/22/1985 Male
CH Rapture's Irish Rebellion
SE772481 09/22/1985 Female
CH Olympic Triumph Bright Star JH
SF895345 12/29/1989 Male
FC AFC World Class Wynn Bright Star MH
SF895346 12/29/1989 Female
CH Rusticwoods Made To Love
SE623774 05/30/1986 Male
CH Rusticwoods Made In Heaven
SE637454 05/30/1986 Female
CH Rusticwoods Special Made
SE721730 05/30/1986 Female
CH Rusticwoods Custom Made
SE724718 05/30/1986 Male
CH Rusticwoods Made To Kiss
SE733779 05/30/1986 Female
CH Arista's Special Effects CD
SE823708 01/13/1987 Female
CH Arista's Special Delight
SE869610 01/13/1987 Female
CH Sunrise Summer Classic
SE568625 10/10/1985 Female
CH Arista's Wild Poppy
SE962633 01/09/1987 Female
CH Arista's Finest Rose
SF014947 01/09/1987 Female
CH Arista's Finest Jazz
SF014948 01/09/1987 Female
CH Arista's Wild Irish Rogue CD
SF457795 10/27/1988 Male
CH Arista's Wild Ruler
SF687800 10/27/1988 Male
CH Arista's Wild Cruiser
SF687801 10/27/1988 Male
CH Arista's Wild Image
SF687802 10/27/1988 Female
CH Loriens Special Delight CD
SF404150 10/02/1988 Female
CH Loriens By Special Design
SF428037 10/02/1988 Male
CH Loriens Special Caliber
SF494775 10/02/1988 Male
CH Hallmark Allison D Muir
SN011772/08 07/13/1992 Female
CH Jamond's Just Because
SM933995/02 12/03/1991 Female
CH Jamond's Just Do It
SM933995/03 12/03/1991 Male
CH Rusticwood Class Act O'Mijean
SF528177 12/10/1988 Female
CH Mi Jean's Court Jester
SF554324 12/10/1988 Male
Granada Paint The Wind CD NA NAJ
SN047941/02 02/23/1993 Female
CH Rendition Tiffany Orion CD
SF832771 09/15/1989 Female
Sarajon Kelly Of Lagunawoods CDX
SF493028 10/02/1988 Female
CH Sarajon Cabernet Vintage Red CD
SF493029 10/02/1988 Male
Clancy Clear Echo Of Casey CDX
SF590672 10/02/1988 Male
Sierra Lyn Prime Times CD
SF614541 03/25/1989 Female
CH Sierra Lyn Prime Princess
SF785901 03/25/1989 Female
CH O'Kerrie's Frosty Moon
SM951279/01 01/31/1992 Male
CH O'Kerrie's Thunder Moon
SM951279/06 01/31/1992 Male
CH O'Kerrie's Rose Moon
SM951279/07 01/31/1992 Female
CH Tramore Palarset Olympic Storm
SN177927/01 06/01/1993 Female
CH Palarset Sultan's Red Storm CD
SN255535/01 06/01/1993 Male
Grainuaile Ghost Rider NA NAJ
SN005402/01 08/06/1992 Male
CH Grainuaile's Chances Are CD
SN005402/04 08/06/1992 Male
CH Grainuaile Temptation Eyes
SN005402/07 08/06/1992 Female
Redfeathers Kilkenny Castle CD
SM992514/03 05/20/1992 Male
CH Jamond's Olympic Dream CD NAJ OA
SN037030/06 01/05/1993 Female
CH Carnelian Wyatt's Torch
SM911530/03 09/01/1991 Female
CH Carnelian Henry Rearden
SM911530/06 09/01/1991 Male
CH Charlton's Dream Girl
SN059396/01 03/10/1993 Female
CH Charlton's Dust Devil
SN059396/06 03/10/1993 Male
Number of Litters: 31
Number of Dogs Registered: 169
Number of Dogs with Titles: 50

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